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Our Technology

natural and efficient agriculture

Our biotechnological studies have allowed us to develop Biofertilizers in liquid concentration that allow a 

greater agricultural productivity, 100% organic and under a vision of food production based on generating circularity that gives a sustainable future to our next generations. 

ionized biofertilizer

Oxygenation through Nano technology that stimulates the absorption of nutrients and enhances the immunology of the crop.

biofertilizer with nanobubbles

0% waste and 100% organic, they generate protection for pollinating agents and care for the planet's biodiversity.

biostimulant 0 waste

We ionize critical mineral molecules with the aim of maximizing nutrient absorption through electrical conduction,

organic fertilizer

Extracting the maximum potential of mineral, nutritional and phytoprotective elements, we have developed 100% biodegradable solutions.

natural fertilizer 0 pollution

High productivity Agroecological solutions that allow crop nutrition without negative impact on the environment.

sustainable and productive agriculture

Bioformulas specially developed to offer organic solutions without impact on human health, low in heavy metals; Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury and Lead.

circular and sustainable agriculture

We had develope agricultural nutrition solutions that allow high productivity without harmful waste.

Constant Innovation

One of the keys to success in our mission is to offer solutions that are at the forefront of biotechnological innovation and Agrobusiness. For this reason, our company is committed to the constant research and development to continually improve our line of products and processes.

Validated results

agricultural biostimulant validated by the University of Antofagasta

"The BF (Basf Foliar, chemical-synthetic) and ST (Turf Feeder, Organic) treatments were not statistically different in terms of vigor measured as NDVI, temperature, volumetric water content and soil salinity. However, the VARI spectral index made with aerial photos, if it shows differences in vigor in favor of the BF treatment.

The previous data indicate that although a difference is detected in force in favor of BF, this difference is not extrapolated to the other measured parameters.considering that for BF a dose 3 times higher than for ST was applied. "It is recommended to measure pedological parameters that allow a more detailed analysis of the effect of the treatments and test an increase in the dosage of ST (Turf Feeder)."

studies and research SeaTea Ferts, better than chemical-synthetic alternatives

UC Agro Foundation

Pirque, Metropolitan Region / 2023

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