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Our field advisors

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Ancud training, chiloe.jpeg

Training for Prodesal Advisors, Ancud, Chiloé, Sep. 2023.

Training Los Muermos Pto montt.jpeg

Training for Prodesal Advisors, Los Muermos, Puerto Montt, Sep. 2023.

U ohiggins 2023.jpeg

Sustainable Hydroponics Congress at O'higgins University, Oct. 2023.

FISA 2022 SeaTea.jpeg

FISA Dec. 2022

International Fair of Santiago, Chile.

Training Chonchi, Chiloe.jpeg

Training for Prodesal Advisors, Chonchi, Puerto Montt, Sep. 2023.

Hortisur Fair Oct 2023.jpeg

Hortisur Agricultural Fair, Parral, Oct. 2023.

Interview on Environmental Sustainability in Agenda Agrícola, Sep. 2023.

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